Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Road Trip 2011 - Day 2

We're having a great time! We made it to our "home base" in Breckenridge and we'll be taking day trips to see interesting places each day. Today we saw lots of beautiful mountains, familiarized ourselves with the town, found our hotel and had fried pies (I had a mac & cheese with bacon fried pie. For real.)

Anyway, today I just couldn't resist a picture of my old buddy... Smokey the Bear! I've seen him a lot around here and with good reason... forest fires can be a big problem! Smokey brings back good memories for me because when I was little there used to be (maybe still is) a Smokey the Bear statue at a campground in Clear Lake, IA. Every time we went to Clear Lake, my sisters and I would beg my dad to stop at the campground so that we could see Smokey. It was always one of the highlights of our trip.

Smokey the Bear

And just in case you want to get all reminisce-y, here's the Smokey the Bear theme song... I've been humming it all day!

Smokey the Bear, Smokey the Bear.
Prowlin' and a growlin' and a sniffin' the air.
He can find a fire before it starts to flame.
That's why they call him Smokey,
That was how he got his name.

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