Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Complicated, yet delicious!

Here's just a little peek at my husband's early birthday celebration. German chocolate cake. 3 whole layers of it. Yummy.

I bake it once a year because I love him, but man, this cake is a pain in the rear to make. First, you have to separate the 4 eggs (and keep both parts!!! Something I failed to do last year, so I ended up using 8 eggs...) After everything else is mixed in (in the *exact* order and fashion prescribed by the recipe), you must beat the egg whites until they form stiff peaks (almost meringue) and then fold them into the batter. Not sure what that accomplishes, but the cake sure is good.

Then pour the cake batter into 3 round cake pans. Three. Something else I failed to notice last year until it was too late... and ended up using a pie tin for the third layer since I only had two cake pans. Made for a wonky cake. I bought a third round cake pan this year, so you can see, I really am improving. But I believe my oven must be slanted to one side because after the cake baked a couple of the layers were still crooked. And it is hard to make a 3 layer cake look straight, no matter what you do. Gives me a new appreciation for wedding cake bakers.

Then the frosting requires stirring over the hot stove for what feels like hours (actually only 15 mins or so... but my arm sure got tired of stirring!)

But, I finally got it made! And you can see we had absolutely no trouble digging in!

3-layer German chocolate cake

And then, because I'm such a good wife, I even made homemade ice cream to go with the crazy complicated cake.

3-layer German chocolate cake with homemade ice cream

A lot of work, yes, but I guess I did it to feel a little less guilty for not really buying him a birthday gift this year... though I really shouldn't feel guilty at all - see here.

P.S. If you'd like to make this cake, even after all my complaining about it, you can find the recipe inside a box of Baker's German Chocolate - which you'll need for the cake anyway.


  1. German Chocolate cake with the coconut peacan frosting is my favorite! I ask for it for my birthday. I'm pretty sure I want this triple stack this year! Yummy!

  2. Yes, Della, this cake is the best! I made it on Saturday night and I think it gets better every day! It's almost gone now and I'm sad! :) You should definitely have it for your b-day!


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