Monday, June 20, 2011

What is it? Revealed!

Well, I guess it wasn't such a challenge after all, as Karin knew exactly what it before hardly anyone had a chance to guess! (If you don't know what I'm talking about, quickly scroll down or click this post and guess what this vintage utensil is!)

vintage jar opener

Great job, Karin! It is a jar opener! The question I have for you (or anyone else with knowledge of these things), is how does it really work? When I tried it, it wouldn't stay tight enough around the lid to actually unscrew it. And it doesn't have any way to grip the lid, it just spins around. Would you put a towel or one of those rubber grippy things between the utensil and the jar? It doesn't seem like they would have been very popular if they didn't work. What am I missing here?

On an unrelated note... is anyone else having trouble leaving comments in Blogger? When I try to leave a comment on someone's blog and choose "Google Account", it makes me re-login, and then it still lists me as anonymous, and then when I click "send comment" it keeps making me re-login over and over. Just an endless circle and I can never actually get anywhere. SO ANNOYING! Anyway, this was happening to me a month or so ago, then it got fixed and now it's happening again. So that's why I haven't been able to comment on anyone's blogs. Sorry! And if you have any tips to make this stop, please do share!

Have a lovely evening, everyone! :)


  1. I have only had it work on canning jars, not our newer "smooth" jar lids. However, I think the idea of putting a rubber gripper on there may work - I have a fabric one I made a while back, so I'll give it a try. Sorry if I spoiled the guessing game - I thought you really wanted to know what it was! I should have read a bit closer. Also, I have seen many people on different blogs complain about the comment posting issue and they all seem to think it has to do with IE9? I haven't had the problem and I have not upgraded to version 9 yet, so they may be onto something!

  2. It looks as if it was probably intended for Kilner jars to me.
    With the blogger thing, if you uncheck the "keep me logged in" box it breaks the infinite login loop, annoying though because then it logs you out of your own blog


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