Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My first granny square!

Since my 30 before 30 list has been rather slow going lately, I decided to kickstart it and begin work on my granny square afghan! I thought it would be great to take on vacation next month [what? I haven't told you about our vacation yet?? clue: it involves mountains, and it does not involve 104 degree heat... yay!] to work on in the car. Only problem was that I've never made a granny square in my life... and I've only crocheted once - I made a scarf in college, but that already seems like a long time ago and I've mostly forgotten.

But that didn't stop me... I decided to just jump in with both feet! I ran out to Joann's fabric last night and chose a nice assortment of pretty yarn and came home to try and figure out the granny square!

I went through a bunch of online tutorials that were all too hard. Even videos - they seemed great at first, and then they would start moving so fast that I couldn't keep up. [this may or may not have been due to the fact that I really didn't want to go back and learn the basics first... I just wanted to make a granny square. maybe that's lazy (actually I know it is), but I was convinced it was possible!] I was starting to get very frustrated, but FINALLY I found a tutorial that worked for me! Attic24's "Summer Garden Granny Square" was so well-written and clearly explained that I had *almost* no trouble making it on the first try. Plus, it's even cuter than a traditional granny square, so it's a win-win! Yay!

Here's my square. It's not perfect, but it is my first one. I'll be sure to keep you updated with my progress as I get some more squares finished! This is so exciting! :)

my first granny square!


  1. Nice job Amanda! I love the colors you chose. This will be a beautiful afghan!

  2. Great job...especially if you are just starting to crochet! I love it...even though my friends call me a granny {I'm 28} all the time! Funny because my first afghan was a granny square one for my mom and she still has it! (I made it about 8 years ago!)

  3. It is very close to perfect, actually! I have started learning to crochet several times and on the third time I was ripe enough and you know what, I am so crazed now, I am loving it! So, good luck with your afghan! By the way, once you are done with the squares you will get to the point of joining them together and there are countless tutorials on that too. :)


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