Monday, May 16, 2011

A Perfect Night...

... for a bike ride to the lake!

ducks at the lake

Seriously, if you ever plan to visit Texas... please take my advice and visit in the spring. After living here for almost a full year (just a month short!), I can say with authority that spring is without a doubt the nicest time of year here. Beautiful weather. Yes, there is the chance for rain and storms... but soooo much nicer than summer. Ugh. Unless you're into the 100+ degree weather with 100 percent humidity, visit in the spring. [can you tell I'm getting all pumped up for summer?]

In other news... we had our dishwasher repaired today. It's been giving us trouble for longer than I care to admit. Turns out that the drain line had disconnected from the dishwasher, so whenever we ran it, all the water was running straight out... down into the floor. So the sub-floor is all rotten and we have to replace everything. Oh joy.

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  1. This lake is just beautiful. Nice shot!

    What a drag about your floor! Things we can't see happening sure can do a lot of damage. I hope the repair isn't too expensive.


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