Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pastries and Petals

To all of you checking for the new peep tutorial... I'm still working on it. I had some (mostly) happy distractions this weekend and just haven't quite finished. :)

Yesterday, my hubby and I went antiquing... and instead of antiques, we came home with these:



The town we visited to go antique shopping was just a little too close to West, Texas, a little Czech town known for its kolaches and baked goods. After our antique shopping was finished, instead of turning around and coming home, our car mysteriously headed farther away, in the direction of the wonderful smells.

We sat in the car by the train tracks and tasted a bit of each, but there were still plenty to bring home with us when we were finished.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day... the type you want to bottle up and save for those dreary winter days, and those ridiculously hot summer afternoons when you can't even step outside without roasting... if only. Fields of bluebonnets lined the highways, and sprinkled among them were pinkish-orange indian paintbrushes. (Sadly, I left my camera at home!) Lovely day for a drive.

Spring in Texas is perfect. I hope it hangs around for awhile. :)

How has spring been where you live?


  1. That's about 20 miles from where I live! Aren't the Bluebonnets pretty!

  2. My boyfriend and I were just wondering what Kolache was earlier this evening. Theyve opened a Kolache Factory cafe right down the road... we'll definitely have to stop in!!

  3. That place is a MUST! They are definately worth the drive! And yes, the bluebonnets, AWESOME!

  4. Those pastries look so gooooood!

  5. Oooo I love kolaches! Dad and I made currant kolaches once-delish :)

  6. I gained 5 pounds just looking at that picture! :P

    Spring here has been wholly inconsistent. Yesterday was in the 70s, today in the 50s!


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