Monday, April 18, 2011

A nice weekend

Thank you everyone for your uplifting comments to my last post. I was feeling a little down last week and though my intent was certainly not to bring you all down with me, it is so nice to hear that others have the same feelings sometimes.

I had a nice weekend, though it was a super-fast one. Busy, busy, busy. I didn't feel like I even had a chance to sit down! But that's alright, because most of the weekend revolved around the special lady in the middle of the photo. My husband's grandmother celebrated her 80th birthday this weekend and I was so happy that we were able to share it with her.

Concerts, special dinners, and oh my... the desserts!!

I've been working on some projects myself as well and I hope to share a fun little Easter craft with you all this week.

Our weekend also brought us a new addition to the household... something that makes me really, really excited. [see photo below] Can anyone guess what? Here's a hint. Anyone who guesses gets a virtual high five!! (and Mom, you don't get to guess!)

Hope everyone has had a wonderful start to their week!


  1. Can a sister guess? I know... :)

  2. Is it a dresser that you're going to refinish? Or maybe a bed?


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