Tuesday, April 19, 2011

13. Get a piano

Well, nobody guessed my surprise yesterday, so I'm just going to have to tell you... we got a piano this weekend!!

antique piano

My husband and I have been talking about purchasing a piano for a long time. I've played since fourth grade and have really missed it these last few years. We'd been going back and forth about whether to buy a new piano or an old piano (new pianos are recommended because old pianos usually require a lot of work... but if you know me, you can probably guess that I really, really wanted a beautiful antique one!)

Well, we talked and talked, and then one day, this one just fell into our lap.

antique piano

Let me rephrase that... we did have to go pick it up, but it was offered to us for free!
We love it, but know that it's going to need quite a bit of work before it will be in playable condition. Many of the keys stick - I can't even plunk out a simple melody because so many of the keys are sticky. But I have my fingers crossed that everything can be repaired and it will be a wonderful addition to our household for years to come.  And if it can't be fixed or it's not economically feasible to fix it? Well, it was free... so we'd only be out the time it took to pick it up.

antique piano

I think it's gorgeous. Solid red mahoghany. Beautiful carvings. They just don't make pianos like this anymore... at least not anywhere near our price range! It will need a little bit more cleaning up before it will be perfect, but I know it will be wonderful once we're finished with it!

antique piano

I also love the history that comes along with an older piece. How many children learned to play on this piano? I'll never know, but I can imagine. The lady who gave it to us was a piano major in college, and she told us that her father trucked the piano to her dorm room each year so that she could practice on it! How many pianos have done that?!

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I am still so excited! (Plus, I completed another of my 30 before 30 goals... without even breaking a sweat!!!)


  1. GORGEOUS piano. I wish you much luck getting it into playing condition. I have a very old piano too but not quite as old as that one. This one I have is the one I learned to play on many MANY years ago. I had it tuned before our last move to this house about 1993 and that man also fixed the sticking keys but there are two which could not be fixed. Sadly, one of them is one that's needed a lot so it really throws me off when playing any song in the upper octaves. You can imagine how that goes as you're playing along and then hit a key that just goes THUD. LOL I miss playing too so I'm happy for you. I'm sure you're still trying to plunk out a few tunes even with the sticking keys. I know I would!

  2. what a wonderful addition! I hope it soon sounds as good as it looks.

  3. ohh! my!!! goodness!! i love that! and to score it for free, too? that is wonderful. this labor of love will be worth it, for sure. i am so so happy for you! (:

    i have a piano waiting for me. it is a beautiful, antique baby grand that i played as a child- though there is no room for it in our current living situation. my dad doesn't want me to ever get rid of it, but its not really my style... but it would totally be my style if i could find someone to paint it turquoise! haha. though, i guess that is kind of abusive and makes it less valuable. oh well... one day ;)

  4. Talk about serendipity! It's beautiful, and the maker's marks are just as gorgeous. Yay for you! Must've felt great to scratch that off your list.


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