Saturday, March 19, 2011

I like buttons...

...kind of a lot.

I don't think I've yet shared with you my obsession with buttons. Yes, I am a button collector. I got into button collecting rather recently, when I realized for the first time that old buttons are really so much cooler than new ones. When I was younger I couldn't imagine why anyone would want to collect buttons; today I am happy to admit that I am that person.

Anyway, today I attended a button show. And it made me so happy!

pearl buttons

When I discovered that the Texas State Button Society Show was this weekend and not too far away, I just knew that I had to attend. I've been babbling on and on to my husband about it for weeks. The first thing he said was... "You know everyone there is going to be about 40 years older than you, don't you?" My reply: "Now honestly, would that stop you from attending an antique scooter convention, or an antique advertising show, or an antique tin collector's meeting?" "Well, no." Case closed.

So, this morning the two of us headed up to the button show. As we turned into the parking lot of the hotel that hosted the show, the first thing we saw was a cute little old lady in a wheelchair, clutching her copy of a "Button Price Guide". Hubby just looked over at me and said "I told you so!" I just laughed.

assorted vintage buttons

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take photos. Maybe I could have, but even though I brought my camera, it just didn't seem right. Imagine a hotel ballroom filled with tables... each table filled with card after card of the most beautiful buttons imaginable... all for sale. Yes, it was heaven.

I came with a list of specific buttons I was searching for to complete a couple sets I have started. And I'm excited to tell you that I did complete one set... and started a whole bunch more. The funniest thing was that hubby really got into it. He probably wouldn't admit it now, but he was pawing through those buttons like the best of them... I even had to spend some of my button budget on buttons for him (car and transportation-related buttons, no less). But it was totally worth it... it made me smile from ear to ear to see him in there... getting excited about buttons... along with me and all the little old ladies*.

Sometime, maybe I'll show you some of the buttons I bought. :)

*disclosure: Not everyone at the show was a little old lady (and I certainly have nothing against little old ladies... in fact, I love them!), but we were the youngest people there by a long shot.


  1. Sounds like a grand "old" time ; ) I'm afraid I may have been one there with a walker hahaha! I love that hubby got excited and in on the fun too. What city did this take place in. I have never heard of this going on? Wouldn't ya know I live there my whole life (46 years) then I move away and hear of something so fantastic!

    Glad you had a fun weekend!

  2. A button show? Wow. To go to a show all dedicated to buttons should have been interesting! Good buttons are so hard to find. Sometimes I scour through thrift stores to find cute buttons on old shirts.

  3. Yes, these were seriously amazing buttons, too. We saw some for sale for $900!! (Along with some for 25 cents, and everything in between!) Very fun, though!

    Wanda, the show was in Richardson, but it moves around to a different place in TX every year. Last year was Fort Worth. However, about every state in the U.S. has a button society. Check here: There might be a show near you!

  4. That sounds like it would be fun even for me who hasn't caught the 'button craze' yet. You might even cringe or cry if I were to tell you that after my Mom died I got all her sewing things and she had a huge round metal tin the size you see those large blue Danish cookies in near the holidays. During one of my cleaning/organizing days I went through all her stuff which was before I got back into sewing, I tossed tons of stuff which now I could honestly kick myself for. One of the first things I got rid of? Yep, buttons from that tin! I only kept those that were 'normal' boring types that are the kind one would need for shirts etc to replace missing buttons. There were some very ornate buttons I got rid of that I recall now and some were probably from when she got her Mother's sewing things. ack. I even got rid of the very, very old stork scissors and a few other things I knew had come from my grandmother's stuff because I needed to pare down all that stuff. Now that I've gotten back into sewing, quilting, and added machine embroidery to the list I could really kick myself because I've learned that I possibly got rid of some valuable items. :(

    Glad to see your husband had fun too. Mine would have been the very same. He always goes shopping for fabrics and sewing stuff to help me and not once complains. It's awesome to have a husband that does that. Glad you had such fun.

  5. This sounds really fun! And interesting! I would have definitely went with you too. I didn't know there were more button-crazy people, other than you ;)

  6. LOL thats so funny about your hubby... It might be a good thing you didnt take pictures or i might have gone on a new obsession myself! I think its just amazing how something as small as a button can make a big statement and even evoke a story :)

  7. i love your blog! it's so cute! i'm following you! can you please follow me? thanks! jenn

  8. A button show, you say!?
    I would die of joy...!
    I am a button collector myself. It's beyond my control!

  9. Wow that sounds like so much fun! Are you going to do anything with the buttons? Like make something?

  10. Heather: No, the buttons I bought on Saturday are extra-special collecting buttons, lol. I actually plan to frame them in groupings and hang them on my wall... something I'll show on my blog if I ever get done! However, I have lots of other buttons that I have started some projects with that I might share someday as well! :)

  11. this sounds like such a slice of heaven!! buttons are on my list of things to collect... my collection is pretty weak. sometimes i am in goodwill or a thrift store and find the ugliest top, but am tempted to buy just so i can snip the buttons off.

    i love the idea of taking your collection and putting them on the wall... take pictures :)

  12. You are only the second person I know of to go to a button show - the first being my mom! She is a nut for antique buttons, and makes button bracelets, cufflink bracelets, etc...Her aunt and uncle collected them, and she and her sister acquired the collection. But she still can't help but looking and bidding on more - it's an addition! If you're interested her shop is on etsy... She's low on inventory because she has a show coming up. By the way, I found you through Kristi Yamaguchi!!


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