Sunday, March 13, 2011

Estate Sale Finds

Hi everybody! Just wanted to drop by and show you a couple treasures I picked up at an estate sale yesterday.

First, is a slide sorter... It's basically a lightbox, so I'm thinking that it should work perfectly for projects that require tracing. I'm hoping this will be a useful purchase! It works great and it's basically like brand new. Even the box is perfect! Actually my husband found this for me (amazing, because in almost the same sentence he was telling me how he didn't want to come... didn't want to be there.. boo hoo hoo.)

vintage slide sorter lightbox

Second is some lovely ribbon, never used, price tag never even removed. I got a deal on this... I spent less to buy it than the original purchase price. Whoo hoo!

vintage blue ribbon

Well, that was all for this time. I hope to make visiting estate sales more of a habit of mine... but I'm of mixed feelings about whether or not to bring my hubby along next time!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!


  1. Wow the lightbox is neat! What a great idea to use it for tracing!

  2. You found some great stuff! The slide sorter is neat, but I'm particularly drawn to the embroidered trim--and loving your blog design too.

    The only time I was able to drag my hubby to a flea market, he insisted on staying in the car and watching his mini TV! At least he wasn't rushing me, right? Everyone was happy! :)

  3. cooll finds! That ribbon is so pretty and looks beautifully made.

  4. Thanks for the nice comments! Urban Heirlooms, I loved the story about your hubby sitting in the car watching TV... too funny!


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