Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flashback Friday: The Snowman

Just for fun, I thought I'd share an old photo today.

In honor of the season, I picked out a snowy picture of me and my sister, Sarah. Probably when I was about 5. I'm the older one... on the right. Please notice my classy vest-style coat, my pink bunny earmuffs and pink bunny scarf, and the hat that covers my eyes so that I can hardly see. Yeah. I was definitely a little fashionista [ha. never was and never will be]. At least Sarah is a bit more coordinated. Go Sarah, you rock.

Anyway, I remember this day very well. Despite the homeliness of this poor snowman, I was actually incredibly proud of it. In fact, it was the first snowman we had built entirely on our own, without any adult intervention [yes, my dad was a snowman whiz. if he had been helping, this poor snowman would have been a whole lot less homely.]

Anyway, we decided to build a snowman in secret. We picked a hidden location in the backyard behind the garage so that our stealthy work couldn't be spotted from the house. When it came time to add the snowman's accessories, I ran into the house and snuck items out of the fridge, carefully hiding them under my coat and running back outside to add them to our creation. An old mushy apple and an old mushy pear for eyes. A carrot(?) [maybe a baby carrot?] nose. A banana-shaped cardboard cut-out mouth [couldn't find anything mouth-shaped in the fridge]. Broken stick pieces for buttons and a butter container for a hat.

I remember being so proud when I called my parents out to see what we had been working on. They ooh'ed and aah'ed... and luckily they snapped a picture for posterity.
Those days were awesome.

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  1. You look SO proud.

    I would be too :)

    Very cute. This made me feel happy, after a rough week. Totally needed this.

  2. Isn't it fun to remember that time when there wasn't a care in the world?? Great photo!

  3. Look how cute we are :) Love this photo.

  4. What a cute picture! A charming snowman, indeed!


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