Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I can sew!

Yes, that still feels like a revelation to me. You see, I never thought I would want to learn to sew. I tried when I was younger... to make hair scrunchies and other little projects, but it always seemed complicated, and I always had plenty of other craft mediums to keep me busy. (it probably didn't help that my mom didn't have a very good relationship with her sewing machine... love you, mom!)

So it was kind of out-of-the-blue when I decided this fall that I just *had* to learn how to sew. Probably from Etsy... I see so many cute projects and I always want to know how to make my own. So, I bought a little blue sewing machine, signed up for an online class (Home Ec with Freckled Nest) and went to town! I still have lots of projects left to do to complete the class, but I wanted to share what I've made so far. They are simple little projects, but every time I finished one I felt such a sense of accomplishment... and still do! YAY! Anyway, here is some of what I have learned to make so far. I'll share more once I get back to makin' :) [I also have some Christmas presents planned, but I won't be able to share those until after they have been given - don't want to ruin any surprises!!]

Project 1: Single Layer Napkin
1-layer napkin
Project 1b: Double layer napkin with ric-rac
2-layer napkin
Project 2: Drawstring Pouch
drawstring pouch
Project 3: Tote Bag
tote bag
Project 7: Potholder
quilted potholder

Project 4: Bunting

Project 5: Supplies Roll-Up
supplies roll-up
Project 6: Ironing Board Cover
ironing board cover

Kleenex Holder
kleenex holder

Project 9: Reversible Bib
quilted bib


  1. Im so impressed! I want to learn how to sew.

  2. Well done! You've made some beautiful things. Sewing has been such a source of joy for me.


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