Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Recap

Well, Christmas is officially over. I'm not really ready for it, but tomorrow it's back to work, back to the grind. That is, until we get to do it all over again with my family in Iowa next month! Yes, we just bought plane tickets and I'm so excited! More on that later.

Our Christmas was lovely. We went to church on Christmas Eve with my in-laws and afterward went out to eat at a beautiful Italian restaurant. On Christmas day, they came to our house and I made four-cheese manicotti, lemon salad and cheesecake. Everything turned out perfect and it was a fun, relaxing day.

The kitties woke up to new mousies in their brand-new kitty paw stockings . . .
[I made these a few days ago, perhaps I'll post a tutorial next Christmas for those who would like to make their own!]

Christmas 2010 blog3

Christmas 2010 blog2

There were lots of presents . . .

Christmas 2010 blog4

A beautiful table... [still lovin' my Fiestaware!!]

Christmas 2010 blog5

Puzzling . . .

Christmas 2010 blog6

Wii-ing . . .

Christmas 2010 blog7

And the kitties finally learned to love each other!

Christmas 2010 blog10

Aww! So sweet! :)

Christmas 2010 blog9

Finally, I'd like to share my favorite Christmas gift. It's an antique wooden box that held thread to be sold in a store. My husband's grandmother gave it to me to sort and store my button collection. I can't wait to get started organizing! I actually picked out this piece a few months ago at an antique store, but I almost forgot about it. It's absolutely gorgeous, printed on all four sides and the top, and each of the five drawers has lots of little partitions, perfect for holding buttons and other little trinkets.

Christmas 2010 blog11

My other favorite thing wasn't *really* a Christmas gift, but since it came to us at Christmas, I kind of think of it as one. These little bowls belonged to my husband's great-aunt who passed away last spring. When her daughter was cleaning out her house, she chose these little pottery bowls to give to us. They are really tiny (the brown one is labeled "1/2 pint" on the bottom, and I don't really know anything about them, but they are definitely very old and soooo adorable. I just love them.

Christmas 2010 blog12

The last couple days I've spent lounging around, watching movies with the cats, finishing the puzzle, grazing on all the goodies in the kitchen and catching a few post-holiday sales. To top it off, I got to go see Mannheim Steamroller live at the DSO last night. I've been a very lucky and blessed girl.

Hope everyone else had a lovely Christmas as well! :)


  1. :) looks like so much fun! Love the place settings & the Wii playing. Man, those games are fun!

    Happy Holidays :)
    popping by from an etsy blog forum thread :)

  2. What a great holiday you had! You received such a wonderful gift. And what adorable cookies.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful time! Cute kitties :) I just started following you, feel free to follow me if you want:

  4. Looks like a wonderful Christmas :D I'm so envious of those kitties! I really want some!

  5. Thanks for all the sweet comments!! We had a great time - it made our house feel so homey to hold a family gathering here!

  6. Amanda! Your home looks absolutely gorgeous and I'm so happy that things are going so well for you! And I LOVE your blog. I'm just catching up on all my blog reading now, and I'm glad I started with yours!
    Wishing you and Tom a wonderful new year!!
    xo Crista


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