Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pumpkin pie bites for breakfast

Yes, Thanksgiving was lovely. I made pumpkin pie bites and pecan pie to bring to our Thanksgiving celebration with hubby's parents and their close family friends. The pumpkin pie bites, while not as pretty as Bakerella's, were quite cute and very yummy. The pecan pie looked lovely but I overcooked it by a few minutes. Dang. After almost 6 months here, I'm still trying to figure out our oven. It was very edible, nonetheless. We had plenty of leftovers, so you can guess what we had for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving!


In other news, we finally have fall colors down here in Texas. I didn't suppose it would ever really happen, and it's true that many of the trees just turn brown and start dropping their leaves, but quite a few have turned orange, yellow and red, giving us a beautiful show of *late* fall beauty. At the point in the year when the rest of my family is shoveling snow, we have just started raking our lawn, and more than half of the leaves are still up in the trees! Here's a picture of the view across the street from us. (please excuse the many power lines!)


The roses are still blooming, too!


Here's a hint of what's in store for us for the rest of the weekend. Finishing the painting in our dining room! We did take a day off today and go on a little roadtrip, which I will hopefully share with you tomorrow. However, we have lots of touch-up work to do, as well as the [hopefully easy] reupholstery of our dining room chairs. Then we can finally put the room back together and hang things on the wall! It's been a little hard on us that we haven't really been able to decorate our new home, but we feel it's best to wait until each room is painted. And the whole house needs it, so it will be a slow process but I know it'll be worth it!


Finally, my friend Sarah is hosting a giveaway on her blog In the Light of Truth, so you should head over there to enter for a chance to win some adorable handmade baby gear from the Etsy shop Already Love You. As Sarah says, even if you don't have a baby yourself, you can still enter and if you win you can save it for a gift for someone. I just love the little cupcake apron, which it what I would choose if I won... nice, I don't even have a baby, let alone a toddler/preschooler to wear the apron. Might be awhile but the apron is so cute that it would be worth saving, and I can think of so many fun projects it would be great for! The giveaway is for a great cause, as the lady who owns the shop and makes the items with her mom is saving up to adopt a child from Africa and all the proceeds are going into her adoption fund. So be sure to enter the GIVEAWAY HERE through Friday, Dec. 3!

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