Monday, November 29, 2010

Greetings from Paris!

Paris, Texas, that is!

thanksgiving trip 015

On Saturday, hubby and I took a little trip. We love antiquing and couldn't pass up the chance to take a drive and look for cool old stuff! We got a late start, so we decided to go to Greenville, Texas because we checked online and there seemed to be several (5-6) decent looking shops. One thing about antique shopping is that most stores don't have good websites, in fact most have no websites, and you are lucky to find a listing in an antiques circular or local webpage. In fact, I think that the best ones are those that have no advertisements... mom-and-pop-type stores that look like they've been there forever... dust half an inch thick... I love it! Those are the kinds of places where you feel you could make a great find, because *anything* could be hiding under a pile of boxes in the corner!

The store pictured below was not one of them (lol, kind of crappy) but was a beautiful building!

thanksgiving trip 008

Our favorite store in Greenville was this one called "Muzzy's Alley". Half of the building had been a sports bar or cafe and parts of the restaurant were for sale right along with the antiques. There was everything from player pianos, to motorcycles, to boats, to carnival rides and everything in between. The main floor of the shop was chaotic, to say the least. But then, we ventured upstairs. This place was crazy cool. Like the old, dilapidated, freaky, floor-might-fall-out-from-under-you, or something-could-grab-you-from-the-shadows type of cool.

thanksgiving trip 005

Seriously, to actually see all the stuff up there you would need a flashlight. But the excitement of knowing that you *could* find something special that has long been forgotten made all the potential dangers fully worth the risk.

thanksgiving trip 006

We didn't actually find anything in the freaky attic (though we might have to return later with a flashlight!), but hubby did find a treasure in the main part of the store - a Tom's Peanut's tray that would have been carried around a man's neck and sold at baseball games. My husband has lots of Tom's items and hadn't ever seen one of these... so he had to have it!

Here's another unique building we saw in Greenville. It used to be a car dealership, but is now a costume shop.

thanksgiving trip 009

We didn't find any more treasures in Greenville (though I did find a beautiful buffet with a mirror that would look great in our house... if only we had a spot for it!), and after we ate lunch it was still early, so we decided to venture on a bit further. We drove to Commerce, Texas which had a gorgeous old town square... very Western-ish with brick-paved streets and low-slung buildings with awnings and front porches. Unfortunately no pictures. Also, unfortunately it was almost completely empty. Like a ghost town. We found only one antique store, though there were signs that there had been others since closed. The one antique store was closed for the day, but it looked pretty neat. Too bad.

So, then we were more than 2/3 of the way to Paris... and if you're that close, you just have to go... if only to see the miniature Eiffel Tower! So we drove out there and lo and behold - they have a TON of antique stores in Paris. We went to as many as we could in the short time before the stores closed and found a couple more treasures. Hubby found a coin-operated postage stamp dispenser that was in great shape and cheap. I picked out some fabric that was so ugly that I just had to have it. It has text and pictures of Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley all over... not only that but the colors are pink and purple. hehe. Not sure what I'll be doing with that, but I couldn't just leave it in the store now, could I?

After that, we quickly drove out to the Eiffel Tower for a photo op just as the sun was setting. We had a long drive home, but it was worth it after such a lovely fall day! :)

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